Donate Stock to A Safe Place


Gifts of appreciated stock present advantages to both the contributor and to A Safe Place. As the contributor, you may claim your stock gift as an income tax deduction and bypass the capital gains tax. In turn, A Safe Place as the beneficiary of your contribution is able to receive greater gifts because of the appreciated value of the stock.

If you choose to make your contribution in the form of a stock gift, please contact Denise Gentes, Individual Giving Specialist at 847.731.7165 x104 or

The value of your stock gift will be calculated by the number of shares you are donating at the trading price at the time of transfer.  The effective date of the donation will be the date the shares are issued.  Please allow at least three days if you are processing near year-end.

If your shares are currently held by your broker, you can coordinate issuance with your broker, or ask your broker to issue a certificate in your name that you can process to the account listed above.

Please note that the tax laws regarding capital gains may change, which may impact the hold periods for stock uses for donations.  You should consult with you personal financial or tax advisory before proceeding with these transactions for the most up-to-date information.