Employment Opportunities

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Current openings:


Crisis Advocate/Counselor

The Crisis Advocate/Counselor is responsible for coordinating calls from the help line, including triage of callers. She/he will also provide short-term support for women in crisis due to domestic violence.  The CA/CC will provide short term counseling lasting anywhere from 6-12 weeks.  The CA/CC is the primary staff answering crisis calls and providing referrals as necessary into the community for incoming clients.  The CA/CC reports directly to the Coordinator of Housing and works collaboratively with all shelter staff.  The CA/CC will be expected to maintain a respectable case of clients from the community and be available for on-going crisis counseling for clients who live in shelter for their 90-day stay.  


Coordinator of Counseling and IPDAV Services

The Coordinator of Counseling & IPDAV Services is responsible for coordinating services provided to both adult & child witnesses of domestic violence.  S/he is responsible for supervision of the counseling staff, providing assessments, developing service plans, and utilizing appropriate interventions to reduce the impact of domestic violence. The Coordinator is responsible for counseling programs as directed by the agency’s strategic plan.  S/he reports to the Director of Programs. Family Therapist (Shelter) 

IPDAV Office Manager

The IPDAV Office Manager to the IPDAV Program will provide general oversite of all administrative duties, including collection of monetary fees to the Intervention Program for Domestic Abuse and Violence (abuser services).  The Office Manager will handle all administrative support and clerical services for the program.

IPDAV Counselor

The IPDAV Counselor is responsible for writing reports and submitting reports to the court and/or the probation office.  Counselor co-facilitates abuser groups and works closely with the Coordinator of Counseling to develop new groups and refine or develop new curriculum, as needed.  The position reports to the Coordinator of Counseling.

Family Visit Facilitator

The Family Visit Facilitator will closely monitor visits and custody exchanges between children and their non-custodial parent. She/he will report to the Director of the Family Visitation Center and work closely with other Facilitators.