A Safe Place 22nd Annual Drive Out Domestic Violence Golf Outing, will be taking place on Monday, August 19th (12:30 pM - 6:30 pM). Enrollment Opening June 1!

Healthcare Navigation

Healthcare Navigation

A Safe Place has a certified health care counselor to assist victims of domestic violence and the general public in obtaining health care through the marketplace. Often a stressful experience, A Safe Place, Lake County and the State of Illinois are hoping to take the questions out of obtaining health insurance or Medicaid. Avoid the penalty fee and get your questions answered now. This free service can help you find out:

  • If you may be eligible for subsidies to help you afford health insurance
  • If you may be eligible for expanded Medicaid
  • No one can be denied coverage because they have a pre-existing condition
  • All plans cover important benefits like doctor’s visits, hospital stays, prescriptions and more

Contact our certified counselor now at 847-731-7165 ext. 127 or call 312-608-7369.
Our licensed healthcare navigator will have hours in the community:

  • Mondays – Zion-Benton Library – November 15th – February 9th from 9-5 PM EXCEPT December 8th and December 15th
  • Tuesdays – A Safe Place – 2710 17th Street, Zion – 9-5 PM – call 847-731-7165 ext. 127 to make an appointment
  • Wednesdays – Gurnee Mills Entrance C or D Outside of Red Mango – 2-5 PM
  • Thursdays – Disclosed location for victims of domestic violence only – please call for appointment 847-731-7165 ext. 127
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