A Safe Place 22nd Annual Drive Out Domestic Violence Golf Outing, will be taking place on Monday, August 19th (12:30 pM - 6:30 pM). Enrollment Opening Soon!

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers donated more than 10,400 hours for A Safe Place last year. Their dedication and enthusiasm was channeled in many directions, such as at the Lake County Courthouse where they double the size of A Safe Place’s staff on any given day to help domestic violence survivors prepare paperwork to obtain orders of protection and accompany them into courtrooms as emotional support.

Volunteers augment staff in answering our 24-hour help line, often the first step a survivor of domestic violence will take in reaching out for comfort and assistance in escaping an abusive relationship. They assist children’s counseling in mentoring the many child witnesses who accompany their mothers into the emergency shelter program, reading storybooks to preschoolers, and helping older children with homework.

Other volunteers give of their time by providing staff relief in phone/reception duties or by preparing large mailings several times a year. Service project opportunities for groups of volunteers are also available to assist us with maintenance and upkeep of our buildings and properties.

Volunteers who work directly with our clients must complete a 40-hour training session in domestic violence education. A Safe Place is also currently looking for male volunteers for our mentoring program.

Volunteers must submit the following as part of the application process:


For more information, please contact our Volunteer Specialist
(847) 731-7165, ext. 1025

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