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Crisis Response Services

The likelihood that a victim will die increases nine times when she attempts to leave the relationship.

Crisis response is an expansion of our crisis line and follow-up services that responds to police domestic calls 24/7 365 days a year in the areas of Lake County with the highest rates of domestic violence.

The on-call bilingual responder develops victims’ trust and helps build support systems that gives victims the courage they need to leave their abusers. Crisis response supports the victim in his/her home or wherever they are immediately after a violent incident after the abuser has been removed by the police. Victims are offered safety planning, crisis counseling, assistance with obtaining orders of protection, and are given referrals to other services at A Safe Place and partner organizations.

Responders also help victims safely exit human trafficking situations by assisting them with immediate needs, including housing, referring them to partner organizations, and providing emotional support and assistance while working with law enforcement.

Services are free to clients.


For more information, please contact Crisis Response Services
(847) 731-7165, ext. 1300

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