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Wish List

A Safe Place depends on the generosity of the community for many of our operational needs as well as personal items for our clients. Because the needs at A Safe Place are ever changing, we encourage you to consider a monetary donation or gift cards if possible. These donations give A Safe Place the most flexibility in meeting day to day needs.

One of our families:

Grandma, mom, and adult daughter are all victims of domestic violence and have merged their lives into one apartment as the adult daughter prepares for her third child. The needs of the existing children are many and the expectant mother will not be able to clean homes for a while. The whole household will be funded on one very small salary.
Their experience shopping from our free “store” for baby needs, needs for the young daughters, and household items to make grandma comfortable was quite remarkable for them. They asked us to pass the following along to “those who gave and those who told them people like us would need help”:

“Please tell them that our baby that is expected had her first day with mama having no stress about how to provide for her. Please tell them that the girls wanted to bring it [the items they took] all back so the baby could have more, and we got to tell them that A Safe Place gave us more than we all need and because of them our little baby will never be without anything and neither will they.
The girls cried and hugged the things they had chosen.
Please tell them that my mother told us she was thankful to experience the genuine hearts of people who care in a world that has only abused her.
Do the people who give understand that a box of diapers or a few pieces of baby clothes bring us hope? Do they understand that knowing someone cares about what we are going through helps us believe we will make it ok?
Tell them thank you. Tell them we will never forget them for this.”

In-kind donations must be wholly consistent in fact and appearance with the activities, policies, mission, goals and programs of A Safe Place. Due to lack of storage space, resources, and suitability of the donation, A Safe Place reserves the right to decline any in-kind donation.


General Wish List

Please note that we are still unable to accept women’s and children’s used clothing. Due to our donors seemingly unending generosity, our storage spaces are completely filled to capacity.

  • laundry detergent
    • cleaning supplies
  • diapers
  • crockpots/instapots
  • cooking utensils
    • socks
pots & pans undergarments
Full-size toiletries
  • lotions
    • shampoo & conditioner
  • ethnic hair care products
  • deodorant
  • hair brushes
  • tissues
toiler paper
Baby items
  • diapers, especially sizes 5 and 6
  • pacifiers
  • baby wipes
  • formula
    • bottles
  • sippy cups
General items
  • microwaves
  • crockpots
  • toasters
  • coffee makers
  • paper towels
  • paper plates
Home items
  • towels
  • extra-long twin sheet sets
  • comforters
  • new pillows
  • plates
  • dishes
eating utensils
Cleaning items
  • bleach
  • laundry detergent
  • dish soap
  • trash bags
  • disinfectant
  • toilet bowl cleaner
  • Lysol
  • garbage cans
  • brooms
  • mops

We are also in need of gift cards, especially Visa, Target, WalMart, and Amazon gift cards.
If you would like to donate self help books related to healing, stress, depression, and therapy, please contact us.

Donations that do not meet the standards and restrictions of A Safe Place will not be accepted; these include but are not limited to the following:

  • used clothing
  • soiled, stained or ripped clothing (including shoes)
  • mattresses
  • used car seats
  • used toys
  • used stuffed animals
  • hotel sample sized toiletries
  • torn, stained, soiled or heavily used linens
  • rusted, chipped, broken or soiled kitchen/dinnerware
  • expired or opened food
  • large electronics (TVs, stereos, etc.)
  • large tables and entertainment centers
  • used bras and underwear
  • any items with recall potential

A Safe Place keeps our costs down by asking our donors to bring the items to our facilities. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to do pick ups.



Online Wish List

If you would prefer to order needed supplies online, you can donate to our online donation page at Select as many items as you can, then checkout using the easy online shopping cart. Your items will be automatically shipped.


Holiday Wish List


For more information, please contact our Development Department
(847) 731-7165 ext. 1008

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