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Community Outreach And Education

Early intervention, prevention education, and awareness about domestic violence can stop its cycle across generations. Everyone in our community must know how to prevent, intervene, and reject domestic violence. We must hold individuals accountable for their actions. Through education, A Safe Place aims to build a community where violence is neither accepted nor concealed.

We offer educational sessions for youth, community members, and professionals in Lake County, the Chicagoland area, and Southeastern Wisconsin.

Our Education Sessions Cover a Variety of Important Topics


A Safe Place Service Information: Learn about the services and resources available to survivors of domestic violence through A Safe Place.

Myths and Statistics: Understand common misconceptions and the prevalence of domestic violence in our communities.

Dynamics of Domestic Violence: Explore the dynamics of abusive relationships, including power and control dynamics, different types of abuse, recognizing warning signs, the cycle of violence, and the complexities of why survivors may choose to stay or return to abusive situations.

How to Help: Gain insight into how to respond appropriately to domestic violence situations and learn how to make effective referrals to support survivors.

Our presentations are tailored to be age-appropriate and responsive to the needs of various audiences. All education and training sessions provided by A Safe Place are offered free of charge. However, we greatly appreciate any donations, whether they be items or monetary contributions, to support our mission and services.


Educational Outreach

Community Outreach


For more information, please contact our Outreach Department
(847) 731-7165, ext. 1401

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