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Help a Family Member or Friend

It can be frustrating to see someone you care about be hurt and abused in a relationship. Please remember the following when attempting to help:

  • Be there; just listen
  • Don’t pressure to break up; this may drive them away from you
  • Tell them it is not their fault
  • Encourage them to get help; offer to go with them to see a counselor
  • Offer to share written information on relationship abuse with them
  • Don’t blame them by saying: “You’re stupid to stay with them” or “Why do you let them treat you like this?”
  • BE SUPPORTIVE no matter what they decide to do
  • Call the police if you witness physical violence

On average, victims will try to leave the relationship 7 times before they are successful. Each time they try; do your best to make it a positive, empowering experience.

You may also have friends that are behaving abusively toward their partners. Here are some things to remember when attempting to help.

  • Tell them their behavior is NOT COOL; talk to them about the consequences of their decisions
  • Don’t laugh or make light of abusive behavior
  • Encourage them to get help; offer to go with them to see a counselor
  • Be supportive of their partner; tell them no one deserves to be abused
  • Get written information to share with them about abusive behavior
  • Be a role model for healthy relationships by treating your partner and friends with respect
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