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Court Eligibility

See below for a list of who is eligible to file an order of protection for domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking.

Domestic Violence Order of Protection
Family or household members:
  • related by blood, or by current or former marriage
  • share or formerly shared a common dwelling (home)
  • have or allegedly have a child in common
  • share or allegedly share a blood relationship through a child
  • have or had a dating or engagement relationship
  • high risk adult with disabilities who is abused by a family member or care giver
Sexual Assault Civil No Contact Order

Any person who is a victim of non-consensual sexual conduct or sexual penetration can petition for this order.

The following people can also be protected by this order:

  • family or household member of that victim
  • rape crisis center employees and volunteers
Stalking No Contact Order

Any person who is the victim of a course of conduct which causes that victim to fear for his or her safety or the safety of another person, or to suffer emotional distress, and relief is not available to the victim under the Illinois Domestic Violence Act (IDVA) or from a Sexual Assault Civil No Contact Order.


For more information, please contact the Court Advocacy Program
(847) 360-6471

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