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Y.E.A.H. – Youth Empowerment and Healing

Due to the prevalence of teen dating violence, and the rising need in our community, the Youth Empowerment and Healing (Y.E.A.H.) team was established to provide a multi-pronged approach to addressing youth at risk.


  • Bilingual public awareness campaign about violence prevention and community resources targeting 13,000 households with children under 18
  • Youth development and education in Waukegan, North Chicago, and Zion elementary, middle and high schools for more than 4,000 students
  • Lessons on healthy relationships, online safety, and decision-making during school health classes and assemblies
  • Weekly school groups addressing risk and protection and focused on trauma, psychoeducation, life skills, and alternatives to suspension
  • Professional county-wide conference


Behavioral health services provided by A Safe Place to identified students in need through individual counseling and intervention.

Mentorship & Gang Prevention

The Mentor and Gang Specialist provides support to the Y.E.A.H. program while providing mentor services, gang prevention and intervention. The Mentor facilitates afterschool groups and provides workshops to school staff, students and parents on gang activity.

Youth Advisory Board (YAB)

  • Youth serve on an advisory board and are a representative of their home community as well as A Safe Place organization.
  • The mission of the YAB is to implement a youth voice as an area of expertise in the work that is carried out in supporting both the parents and students who participate in the youth mentoring and parent coffee groups.
  • The development of the organization’s programs and initiatives will be affected by the ideas and perspective the youth provide.

Parent Coffee Group

This group aims to provide time for parents to talk about youth topics and concerns, encourage involvement of parents in youth struggles, give support to parents of youth experiencing abuse, educate parents on the program and create a safe space for parents to ask questions or voice concerns.

For more information on the Y.E.A.H. program, or to join the YAB contact us at 847-731-7165 ext. 1018 or info@asafeplaceforhelp.org.

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